The Best Of Weights

Are you looking to improve your physique by weight lifting? Have you tried a variety of different exercise products, but none of them gave you the intensity, convenience, and diversity that you needed? Fortunately for you, this product was created to be everything you need, in one bar. With obesity increasing at an alarming rate, eyes have shifted to a new wave of personal fitness equipment. The United States was in need of revolutionary exercise equipment until the All American Fitness Bar was invented by Cliff Gant. All you have to do is use it, and let it help you make changes to your body that you never thought possible.

Exercise Equipment Designed For Weight Loss

There are approximately 316.1 million American citizens in the United States, and of that number, 17% of the children are obese and of that number, 78.6 million adults are obese.. Now these are just numbers, and the best thing about numbers is that they CAN be changed! One of our main goals is to reduce the number of obese people. If you are part of this obesity statistic, or would like to prevent yourself from adding to it, then consider our product the best one possible to help you shape your body to where you want it to be.

Lisa explaining her experience with the fitness bar

Use this Bar for Physical Therapy

If you want to preserve your joints, ligaments, muscles and cardiovascular ability, then you have to lift something to achieve that. Not just any something, but the product that we created for you to exercise with, and rehabilitate your body to the level you want it to be. Your body is a temple that must be treated with integrity and care. Every vessel in your body works together in order to allow you to continue your daily life. If you consume too many calories, you must provide your body with the right amount of activity necessary to burn off those extra calories. This is exactly what the All American Fitness Bar does.