A Barbell used for Rehabilitation

If you are a physically disabled or impaired individual looking for an exercise product for rehab or to simply stay in shape, then the All American Fitness Bar is the product for you. This bar is very unique when compared to other kinds of workout equipment. By a Push Of The Buttons you have three angle settings of +45°, 90°, and -45° to allow you the option of pinpointing a large variety of different muscle groups for a more fulfilling workout.

Prepare for a Successful Rehabilitation

You could be suffering from a recent or past injury that has handicapped you to the point where you can no longer exercise at a standard workout gym or rehab facility. If this is true, then this bar is perfect for you because it provides the ultimate of variations of rehab protocol exercises by a simple Push of the Buttons. In the past the handicapped person had to use several different bars to get a full workout. Those people in wheel chairs found it to be difficult to move the chair and reach out to pick up a different bar each time they had to change from one muscle group to another. This is why we merged all these various protocols into one bar. Are you in need of a workout plan? Do not stress yourself, in attempts to piece together all of the different kinds of equipment at the gym, when you can simply slap the weights onto this one dynamic bar and start your workout plan following our step by step video.

The All American Fitness Bar can be an extremely useful workout tool and the training plans are very flexible. For example, if you have a leg injury, you can perform multiple arm and upper body protocols, without changing bars, by a Push Of The Button, while remaining in a seated position.

Don’t waste any more time to Recover, Repair, Reconstruct and Reform your body!

The All American Fitness Bar is a vitalizing product that is distinctively designed for you to have an energizing workout that will lead you to a quicker recovery during Rehabilitation.