Reduce Physical Therapy Time

If you are debilitated and require Rehabilitation then the All American Fitness Bar may be the perfect therapeutic rehabilitation device best suited for you. Unlike most workout equipment, this product provides the ability for you to do a wide range of different therapeutic exercises, under the direction of your Medical Doctor. By simply pushing a couple of buttons, you can reduce recovery time, because of the wide range of muscle groups that can be isolated, with this one bar.

Equipment used for your Recovery

With most injuries, it is important to maintain the muscle strength adjacent to the incapacitated area. If you simply leave your injury alone, to recover without facilitating it, you may experience further issues. For example, if you tear a meniscus in your knee, you must exercise your knee when your Doctor advises that you are able to do so. This is so you will feel less post recovery pains when your meniscus is healed, and you will also be less subjected to developing arthritis or other joint pains in your knee as time goes by. This bar was designed to allow users the ability to complete rehabilitative exercises that help quicken their rehabilitation process.

If you are a veteran, attempting to recover from an injury that occurred during your time of deployment or training, then allow this product to assist you in your recovery. You have served the United States of America, so please let us serve you.  You deserve the best equipment in the world that is meant to rehabilitate a multitude of different injuries. That is why we designed this product with you in mind, being veterans also! There is no longer a need, to purchase several different rehab exercise devices, when this single product integrates them all into one unit, with a push of the button.

Providing you with Excellent Rehabilitation Services

Your medical reasons for needing this kind of equipment may vary, but in consultation with your Medical Doctor, we believe you can use this bar to develop protocols specific to your individual needs, and achieve success significantly faster than with other more conventional and outdated technologies. Even if you just want to keep yourself in shape, during your recovery period, the All American Fitness Bar can’t be beat. Sometimes people need help recovering from devastating injuries, and we understand that. This is why we created one of the most successful physical therapy exercise products that you could possibly find.