About The Fitness Bar


This All American Fitness Bar is the most effective workout instrument you could possibly find. It has been specifically designed to be versatile and as close to all-purpose exercise as possible. Every workout and safety precaution has been taken into consideration for the construction of this product in order to provide optimal performance. By a Push Of The Red Buttons you have a multitude of hand positions available.


All the materials are made and assembly is done in the USA. Veterans are instrumental with this project.

Here is a detailed description of the bar:

  • The stainless steel bar is metal-worked into an unyielding bar that is guaranteed to be a long lasting piece of equipment. The handles and horizontal slide housing mechanisms are constructed of aluminum.
  • The full bar length is 59 inches, with a diameter of one inch, and has adjustable handles to accommodate the user with a wider variety of exercise positions. There is also an eight inch buffer zone on each end of the bar to place your personal weights.
  • The weight of the fitness bar, with no weight added, is 15 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, allowing users the ability to dramatically increase the intensity of their workouts.
  • The 10 inch slide adjustment portion of the bar was strategically designed to execute three different grip angles of +45°, 90°, and -45° in order to allow a variety of different user workout positions.
  • The grip area of the handles is 4.8 inches long with a 1.12 inch diameter.
  • High durability plastic roller disks are used to keep your personal weights stable on the bar, and allow the entire bar, either with or without weight, to be conveniently rolled around on the floor.


A Unique Experience with Weights 

Every component of this product is specifically designed to provide the user with a safe, reliable, and satisfying exercise tool. This barbell is able to be used for a variety of different exercises. This is not just a normal weight lifting bar. It is very unlikely that you will run into a product as versatile as this ever again. Most exercise bars are designated for specific workouts that target a small distinct muscle group, while this All American Fitness Bar offers the option of doing the lifting from different angles while targeting multiple muscles and muscle groups to push your body even harder. So we urge you to take the opportunity to try a fitness experience that you could not find anywhere else. If you are looking for a dynamic fitness bar to intensify your workout, then look no further because The All American Fitness Bar is the product for you.

Making The Handles