#weights #fitness The All American Fitness Bar is a bar that is a step-above the rest. Designed as a safe alternative to the traditional form of fitness through weight lifting, it allows for a more natural motion, through the ergonomic design of the bar. As a result, the back is not impacted, and the risk of head injury from the bar hitting the back of the head is greatly reduced. For individuals who are new to weight-lifting and want to try it out, or anyone who has limited motion but still wants to remain fit and trim, then this bar is a much better solution when compared to the traditional model. Designed to move with the body, rather than forcing the body to move in a motion that is not natural, you can workout longer, but you can also work out in a safer manner, with less risk of injury or sore muscles the next day. That keeps you coming back for more, in turn allowing you to get more out of your weight lifting experience.

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