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Weights are an important part of any system to tone the body. In fact, it can be very difficult to tone the body without a good weight system. In the past, lifting weights meant that you would be using a variety of different bars and weights to tone the various muscles on your body. That may mean using a bunch of different systems at the gym, or spending a lot of money to have those same systems at home. It wasted time, and it wasted money.

All American Fitness has changed things thanks to their new barbell system, which allows you to adjust the bar anyway that you see fit. By doing so, you will be able to choose which muscle group to tone, and you can do it with the push of a button. That same workout that took you 25 minutes to do will take you less time now thanks to the fact that there is no need to constantly be changing weights to target the muscle groups. Just push the button, adjust the handle, and lift the weight. It is that easy.

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