#weights The traditional #barbell model is one that involves lifting the weights, resting it on the back of your neck, and then bringing it back down. Lifting the weights in front of you as you curl your arms is another traditional method of weight lifting. The problem with this is that it is not natural in the least. You are straining your back, your neck and the rest of your body when you don’t need to be.

The All-American bar operates in a different manner. Rather than making the body conform to the weight system, the weight system conforms to the body. An ergonomic design makes weight-lifting easier and more natural, which in turn helps you stay safe when lifting weights. The design allows for three adjustable positions to make lifting easier, as well as four horizontal handle positions. The bar is made of one inch stainless steel, and it includes slide hand grips so there is no slipping, full adjustability and a push button adjustment system to make things easier for you.

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