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Physical Therapy can be a long and difficult road. If you are dealing with a recent, or past injury that has limited your mobility or confined you into a wheelchair, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep toning your upper body. The problem is that most weight lifting bars are meant for people who are standing, with full mobility. Should that keep you from being able to workout properly? No, it shouldn’t and All American Fitness has developed a barbell weight lifting system that is meant for those going through therapy.

With a simple push of the button, you can adjust the handles of the bar so that they are comfortable for you. In the past, a handicapped individual would have to use many different systems to get a good workout, and that would waste a lot of time. Things have changed now, and you can get the full workout from the All American Fitness system, just but pushing a button and changing the angle of the handle and the handle position on the bar itself.

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