Very little has changed with weightlifting over the past few decades, but that was until Cliff Gant came up with the idea for a new product, the All American Fitness Bar. An avid inventor, health guru and outdoorsman, Gant has developed the free-weight bar technology that is changing how weight-lifting is done. The free-weight bar system isolates and stimulates muscle groups, and is a revolutionary new product that is helping people get fit, from those who have limited mobility, to those who want to tone their muscles even more. The barbell is building the world of fitness today. As with many of their products, the All American Bar has been designed and made completely in the United States.

If you are going to work out in a new way, then you should look at this new bar designed by Cliff Gant. The bar is a new way to look at how weight lifting is done, and how it can help the body after injury, or help the body deal with the threat of obesity.

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Cliff Gant and the Fitness Bar
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Cliff Gant and the Fitness Bar
The All American Fitness Bar was made in the United States and is changing how weightlifting is done. This Fitness Bar is building the world of fitness today.