The #barbell system is a simple one. #Weights on either end, bar in the middle. That system has remained the same for decades, even a century, but things have changed. These days, we know it is not about lifting a lot of weight, it is about lifting the weight properly and toning more than the biceps. The problem is, the tradition system doesn’t allow you to tone anything else. All that has changed with the #AllAmericanFitnessBar. The company has released a revolutionary weight that allows you to lift in an ergonomic fashion, while also giving you the control to lift weights that tone more than your biceps. This is all thanks to the new design that allows you to adjust the handles and grips on the weight, so that you can lift from different angles, toning different muscles. It is a system that is changing weight lifting as we know it.

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All American Fitness Bar
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All American Fitness Bar