A One of a Kind PUSH BUTTON Barbell!

Are you looking for a barbell that you can exercise with while sitting down, standing up, even laying down, or confined in a wheel chair? Well lucky for you the creators of the All American Fitness Bar took exactly those thoughts into consideration, along with many more, when constructing the single most multifaceted exercise bar ever devised.


  • By a Push Of The Red Buttons perform multiple hand-position Shoulder Presses without hitting the back of your neck or nose.
  • By a Push Of The Red Buttons perform 3 different hand-position Triceps.
  • By a Push Of The Red Buttons perform 7 different hand-position Zip Ups.
  • By a Push Of The Red Buttons perform 3 times more hand-rotation-positions for Bicep Curls.
  • By a Push Of The Red Buttons perform Squats without hitting your shins, knees, calves or butt.
  • By a Push Of The Red Buttons you have the freedom to develop your own special purpose exercise protocols, just for you.


Dynamic Sports Equipment

This product has opened the door to fitness “multidimensionality”! There is now a way to isolate specific muscles or muscle groups and all you have to do is simply push a button or two. See the video below. The All American Fitness Bar operates on a higher level of functionality when compared to any other single piece of sports equipment, while remaining completely user friendly! You don’t have to surf through a sea of gadgets in order to assemble this tool because it was designed to be very easy to put together. The only thing you will need to furnish, as your endurance increases, are extra weights. This makes shipping the product easier and faster, and allows you to choose only those specific weights you want to use.

Dale, Mr. Minnesota of 1984, Body Building Champ, describing his use of the fitness bar.



When looking for the best exercise equipment to purchase, there is no competition to the  All American Fitness Bar. There is no other weight bar that can offer you such a wide range of exercises that vary in intensity like this one. If you want to experience REAL fitness, like never before, then purchasing this barbell will be your best decision.