The first bar of its kind to incorporate at least three professional workout bars into ONE!  No longer will you require multiple bars and dumbbells to accomplish the same but more effective and efficient workout while saving time and money.

The Concept:

Workout equipment has not changed much over the years, but the ALL AMERICAN FITNESS BAR has a unique twist on the workout bar.

  • The revolutionary barbell design has an indented mid-section and adjustable width handles, as well as handgrips that can be angled.
  • The design of the barbell will keep the weight balanced and your body in line.
  • The center of gravity of the weight on the bar will coincide with the centerline of your body.
  • The benefit to YOU is that muscles are isolated.  By isolating muscle groups, you have less risk for injury.  This means your workout is safer and more effective.
  • This multi-use bar will accommodate anyone, standing or sitting, including those confined to a wheelchair.


• 1″ Stainless Steel Bar                                                            • Full Range of Adjustability

• Innovative Slide Hand grips                                               • Push Button Adjustment

• Roller Disk                                                                             • Positive Lever Locking

• High Performance Plastic                                                   • Billet Aluminum Handles

• American Made Spring Clips