By a Push Of The Red Buttons this New Fitness Bar is changing everything!

Next generation in “free weight” bar technology that isolates and stimulates more muscle groups with one single bar.

Increased Safety

Added Convenience

This unique barbell is a safe alternative to traditional barbells because its grip promotes a more natural motion. Due to the ergonomic design of the bar, along with its particular center of gravity design, it will not impact the vertebrae in your back and reduces the risk of hitting the back of your head. The innovative handle and slide mechanism allows for precise targeting of muscle groups for a more demanding workout. No longer do you need to change workout bars to allow for multiple routines. This is the new weight lifting bar that allows you to change your hand positions at the same time targeting different muscle groups with just a push of the button!

A revolutionary product, adding a new dimension to bodybuilding and physical rehabilitation.


All American Fitness Bar



• 1″ Stainless Steel Bar                                            • Full Range of Adjustability

• Innovative Slide Hand grips                                • Push Button Adjustment

• Roller Disk                                                              • Positive Lever Locking

• High Performance Plastic                                    • Billet Aluminum Handles

• American Made Spring Clips


Perfect for Physical Therapy

If you require Rehabilitation then the All American Fitness Bar may be the perfect therapeutic device for you. Unlike most workout equipment, this versatile product provides the ability for you to do a wide range of therapeutic exercises, under the direction of your Medical Doctor. By just pushing a couple buttons, you can drastically reduce your recovery time due to the wide range of muscular groups that can be isolated and worked on with just one bar.


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